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The history of the Melal Orchestra



The history of the orchestra: The orchestra came together through the help of the association of National Cultural Treasury, the Committee of National ICOM and the Commission of National UNESCO (as the virtual sponsors). The Nations Orchestra was established in 1383 instead of the Takhte Jamshid Orchestra due to changes in management and policies of the National Cultural Treasury, as well as combining with the Tourist Association. The idea was proposed by the manager of the Nations Orchestra to show the culture and civilization of Iran and the world through a vast number of the Nations Orchestra's performances. The Nations Orchestra holds between 60 and 90 musicians. It also contains a cor group, single players and singers who perform using different symphonic musical instruments: national and regional instruments, and historical instruments. This orchestra has been performing different forgotten and abandonned melodies and themes of Persian musical history. “young Iran, old treasury” was performed in Vadet Hall and was their first performance. Their second performance was at national hall, where they played "music and glory of friendship." Their third performance was at Mashgh square, where they performed “Iran, the holly land”. This orchestra has also performed many musical works of the musicians such as Blabartok, Motzart, Grik, Shostakovich, Viknet Amigo, Prayznz, Komitas. They have also performed other national musical works from Torbate Jam, Boshehr, Bakhtiary, Azarbayejan, Lorestan.

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